Commentary by: Front Office
Uh Oh In Pittsburgh!

Uh Oh In Pittsburgh!


Last week the Steelers wished they never got off the bus.  The motivation and hype to smash the Vikings was visible clearly.  The plan for a little bit of revenge for last season’s power bowl loss was high on everyone’s mind.  


The fight was on and from the get-go.  The Steelers were in trouble.  QB Matthew Stafford missed several key throws and the offense sputtered like a fish out of water.  LaGarrett Blount was called in to knock some Vikings silly and was quickly carted to the locker room on his first carry. .This is the second week in a row that the defense looks old and slow.


Rising star MLB Deion Jones went down late and the worst part of the night was still when Franchise QB Matthew Stafford went down and is out for 6 more weeks.


QB Mike Glennon will get the first shot but the big question of the day is.  Do the Steelers still have an elite defense to carry the offense?  


Time will tell and this Saturday the Steelers will face off against the pesky Chicago Bears.  Mike Glennon is from Chicago and rumor has it will have several family members in the stands.