Commentary by: Anonymous
Cardinals Flying High

After a rocky 1st game that saw the Arizona Cardinals fall to a more talented, but certainly beatable Detroit Lions team. The Cardinals have been on a personal mission to annihilate the rest of the NML.

Week 2 featured the Cardinals traveling to the AFC powerhouse Indianapolis Colts. The Colts were heavily favored in this matchup and it seemed that only those who thought the Cardinals would win, were those in the visitor locker room. It wasn't easy, nothing is easy in the NML, but this matchup was a slugfest that went down to the wire. The Cardinals called on the right foot of Chris Boswell with 1 second remaining in regulation. The Boz did not disapoint. His kick sailed directly through the uprights, and made somone in Vegas very rich. Game ball went to FB Jay Prosche who had 2 TDs.


Week 3 brought us back in Arizona against another powerhouse team, the Dallas Cowboys. The Cardinals were a bit more confident this time around after upending the Colts. The game was still up for grabs in the final seconds of this game. The final play brought everyone on their feet with Ben Roethlisberger heaved it into tripple coverage. The ball was tipped toward an open receiver who just wasn't expecing it. The ball fell harmlessly to the grass. Game ball went to MLB Manti T'eo who managed 3 interceptions and a TD.

The Cardinals, who are ranked #22 in the power rankings, had something to prove. They belong in the top 10. They continually reach the playoffs every year, and certainly after these last two games, that trend will continue.

Week 4 will feature the Cardinals vs the 49ers. Coach Bill Cowher wants his team to keep the chip on their shoulder heading into this potential trap game. "You haven't earned shit yet." he was heard yelling at the practice field this morning.

Stay tuned Cardinal fans, it should be another exciting game.