Commentary by: Front Office
Beans Week 4 Predictions

Here we have premier toilet bowl game this week. These two teams are so horrendously bad at defense, the score could end up in the tripple digits. But, I have faith in the Texans, who recently acquired Marcus Mariota from the Cardinals. This was a good move by the Texans; Mariota seems to be a better fit in Houston.

Texans: 56

Titans: 41

Another week, another victory for Scott Bramhall and the Steelers. It seems like this team wins, or dies trying to win. The Ravens air attack will be sorely outmatched here.

Steelers 38

Ravens 17

Oh god, I have no idea about these teams. Winston and the Dolphins appear to have the edge, but it seems like nobody truly knows the men behind the curtain orchestrating these teams.

Saints 24

Dolphins 35

AFC Power house Chiefs take on old Antonio Gates and the Redskins. If Craig Heath thinks he can throw to Gates 30 times and win, he better wake up and appologize. The Chiefs ball control offense will win the time of possession, turnover battle, and the game.

Chiefs 24

Redskins 13

The Cowboys get back on track here and defeat a very hungry Rams team. The Cowboys lost their way a bit by losing to very good Cardinal and Broncos teams. The Cowboys always get a slow start to the season, don't worry 'boys fans. The Rams may have a glimmer of hope in taking the division away from the Cardinals, however if they can't beat the Cowboys they can kiss their division good bye.

Cowboys 38

Rams 24

A slugfest in the most competitive division in the NML. The RAIIIDDDERRS! visit the Broncos in what should be a very good game. I'm taking the Broncos in this game, who beat a very good Cowboys team. This will go into Overtime folks.

Broncos: 24

Raiders: 21

Wow, another great game here. How can we be so lucky...Just you wait until the game of the week, heh. Both teams have been very good all throughout training camp and the first few weeks. However the Panthers have the experience. The Pats do bring "moxy" to the table, however moxy doesn't win tough games. Cam Newton 6 TDs 431 yards

Panthers: 56

Patriots: 38

Another good game here. These two teams will be fighting for pride, neither look like playoff teams, but it should be a defensive massacre. Bud Dupree has really come along for the Jags, and he's aiming to be the difference maker here.

Jags: 31

Jets: 24

The APless Giants travel to the slaughter house...I mean Tampa Bay. Theres really little chance for a victory here, The Bucs are notorious for blowing out opponents. Lets just hope Kyle Edele can save some respect left in his football team.

Bucs: 59

Giants: 18

The Eagles have overhauled their offense this past offseason and will prove too much to handle for the Los Angeles Chargers. The Bortles to Howard connection is the real deal. Have they been taking lessons from The Redskins?


Chargers: 17

The Colts vs the Chargers! On paper this matchup looks like it will be very close. However, the Colts rarely lose. Some think what happened in Arizona was a fluke. Others say Johnny Manziel snuck onto the field in a Colts uniform. Whatever the cause of their loss, the Colts get back on track here and destroy the Seahawks.

Colts: 51

Seahawks: 10

The Phillip Rivers led Bills take on the Alex Smith led Falcons. Interesting statistic, the Buffalo Bills are ranked 3rd defense (points scored). The team is under knew ownership and it seems they are emphasizing defense. I feel the Bills will squeek out a win in Hotlanta.

Bills: 24

Falcons: 21

Bengals bring in career backup Jimmy Garropolo to take on the once mighty and powerful Cleveland Browns. The Browns look like they lost a step this year, however I think they find a way to fend off these fiesty Bengals. Andy Dalton has been slingin it recently, and that trend looks to continue.

Browns: 48

Bengals: 38

The bottom feeders of the NFC North meet for a showdown. Joe Flacco seems to be doing an "alright" job, he leads his team to mediocre stats. The Packers boast a stable of young playmakers. Carr, Robinson (AR15), and Kevin White. These kids will run up and down the field all day. In the end, Chicago won't be able to score enough.

Packers: 41

Bears: 35

These two teams have been eyeing each other up all season long. The 49ers have been playing lights out, and only lost to the Panthers by 1. The Cardinals only loss was to the Metamucil Mob, AKA the Retired Renegades, AKA the Get off My Lawn old men, Detroit Lions. Yes the first game of the season was a shock to many Arizona Fans. This game is the biggest mystery of them all. For one, we don't know whos starting under center for the 49ers, Deshaun Watson or Tyrod Taylor. For two, The Cardinals knew signal caller Patrick Mahomes will be making his first career start in his new city. Oh Geez, I don't know here.

49ers: 38

Cardinals: 35


Battle of the Unbeatens. The Lions walk into Minnesota with some swagger after knocking off some pretty good teams early on in the season. The Power Bowl defending champion Vikings will not go down without a fight. Everyone expects that this game should be close, but I have some insider knowledge that it wont...

Vikings: 45

Lions: 28