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News from Denver

News from Denver


This is Bronco Jim reporting on some rumors that the Broncos administration is very upset at the loss of star MLB Deion Jones.  GM John Schneider has been reviewing rosters and hosting free agents for numerous visits as the Steelers build a plan moving forward.  Let’s look at some candidates to replace Deion.


Veteran Navorrow Bowman has been very vocal and seems the most likely fit.  He’s currently playing part-time in their base defensive role. For a player whose house was previously sold in preparations to be traded to Minnesota. Is committed to taking over but GM John Schneider always values a bit more speed at the MLB spot and no decision has been made.  There was interest in some MLB’s that the Broncos hoped were available such as the Patriots Mychal Kendricks. The Patriots have currently the best LB core in the league and weren’t too interested in discussions.


Current stong-side Linebacker Matthew Judan is a possible candidate to move to MLB but the Broncos like his versatility to rush or drop back from the OLB as he replaced Anthony Barr in the starting line up after Barr was traded earlier in the year. Youngin Zack Cunningham has voiced he is ready to take over but his weakness is in coverages may cause concern to the coaches. He’s in line for more snaps but he makes the Broncos a bit uneasy vs the pass..which we all know is 70% of the time or more the route that teams go.  


Via Trade- Derrick Johnson is 36 years young and wanted no part of the Chiefs rebuild and was thankful that Owner/GM Joe Decker let him go to Denver even if it was a division rival. In a sign of the classy player he is. A full-page thank you ad was pushed to the people after the trade was announced. Dj’s speed is shot but he makes up for with play recognition and knowledge.  Will that be enough to actually play or will he be a glorified assistant coach that just wears pads on game day? That is to be determined as the Broncos failed at trading for any additional linebackers. They admittedly tried hard for MLB Danny Trevathan as he’d been perfect but the Chiefs weren’t willing to part with him. He was too key to their future.


However, despite the loss of Deion Jones and speedy outside WR Paul Richardson (who is now back). The Broncos are in fine shape and are hungry for wins. This year as already proved that records don’t matter and you have to execute.  You can’t score TD’s throwing passes 30 ft in the air from the 4-yard line. The Broncos would be undefeated if they executed in the red zone and tackled better (10 plus broken tackles) vs Andrew Carter’s Cardinals.


The Broncos have the bye week to figure out their linebackers and better get that pass defense locked in as the pass-happy Chargers.  The Chargers also bring the most intense pass rush in your face aggressive man coverage in the league. Time will tell if the Broncos will be ready but head coach Bryan Harsin said his team will be ready and he can’t wait for the game. More to be said on that in the coming days I’m sure.


Bronco Jim