Commentary by: Front Office
Bronco Bob sits down with Seahawks owner Dannish Petal


This is Bronco Bob taking a high step out of the mountains in Colorado to have a sit down with your NML Seattle Seahawks owner and GM Dannish Petal. This week i’ve been focusing some time on their upcoming game and am wrangling both owners for a quick impromptu interview. This is part 1 of our 3 part series.  


BB: Thank you Dannish for sitting down with me today. I’ve got a few questions for you. 


D: Well, hopefully I have a few answers for you, Scott. 


BB: After coming in with a splash last year, How do the Seahawks feel differently compared to last year? Are emotions any different? Do you feel more ready? 


D: I don’t think we feel any different from last season to this season. The Seahawks mentality and goals are still the same. We’re building something special in Seattle and this year we brought in players who fit our style of play. Scott, we’re always ready to accept any challenges that come our way.


BB: This is an important week for your ball club. You face off against the feisty Arizona Cardinals who rumor has it. He has circled every division game on his calendar a year in advance. Is this just business or personal? Is there some bad blood between teams or what’s going on here?  


D: I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you the Seahawks did the same thing. We know the Cardinals are a tough ball club but this is our division to lose. It’s just business for now but rivalries tend to get alil more personal the 2nd game around.


BB: Oh man we can’t wait to watch it...wait will it be must see tv or kept offline? 


D: Are you not entertained? We’re Gladiators, Scott. I wouldn’t want anyone to miss this battle. 


BB: We are sitting at Week 4 in the NML. You’ve shown a tendacity to be an aggressive trader when you know what you want. Anything working before trade deadlines in a few weeks? Is there a public trade block you wanna shout out before we close? 


D: Were always looking to acquire new talent Scott. That being said, we’ll listen to any reasonable offers from the others clubs. Our doors are always open. 


BB:: Well in a league where Tom Brady AND multiple drafts were required to acquire a young gunslinger like Josh Allen, arguably two of the top 5 RB’s were moved. It’s a bit wild out there.  Do you have a fancy on any certain positions or particular parts you are trying to move or just always open to talks but nothing specific? 


D: Boy do we love speed on both sides of the ball. We’re looking for players who want to be here and who can make an instant impact. We like our team as is at the moment but like I said before, our doors is always open for trade talks. 


BB: Oh boy, speed has been a popular theme this week it seems as Olympic sprinter Marquise Godwin was just a deal. Were you chasing him at all?  


D: Talented player right there. I grew up a Longhorns fan so I always want to see my favorite players do well. I think we’re pretty stacked on Wideouts at the moment. We were not in the running the Goodwin sweepstakes this time around. 


BB: Interesting, I thought you would of been. Look, I won’t take up any more of your time and really appreciate you taking the time to chat. I wish you the best of luck this week. 


D: Pleasure was all mine Scott.