Commentary by: Front Office
Seahawks vs Cardinals Game of the week Review


Week 4 Game(s) of the Week


Seattle Seahawks vs Arizona Cardinals 


What’s at stake: Winner stays a game behind the division leader and the loser drops 2 games behind in what will be a tight race. 


Key Injuries:


 Seahawks: None 


Cardinals: Star HB David Johnson, Star in making Phillip Lindsay, and starting MLB Jordan Hicks. 


These injuries suffer a massive hit to the Cardinals run game as they are now forced to rely on Chase Edmonds who’s a udfa in his now 2nd year of the season, and doesn’t strike much fear into the hearts of the defenses as he rocks a 1.7 YPC average with as many fumbles as TD’s. 


Broncos Keys to victory- 


Pass, Pass, Pass, and more passing with good defense, 


I’m not much of a math guy but even If one option averages 1.7 yards per carry and the other option averages 9.6 yards per throw and you have a 79% completion ratio. You throw the freaking football if you want to win. So the Cardinals need to let Brees be Brees and quit playing football like it’s 1970. You paid Drew Brees for a reason now let him win you a ring or retire trying, or go get your qb of the future in 2020. 


Defensively they have to stop the run game. The Seahawks are going to run, run and more runs. Why wouldn’t you though when your averaging 10 ypc between your two backs. Can the cardinals stop the run game and force the Seahawks to pass? 


Seahawks Keys to Victory- 


This offseason I heard a few and especially one afc team made repeated offers for Tevin Coleman as he is a ticking time bomb or what you call a home run hitter. The Seahawks held to their guns kept the star. He’s showing that was a wise move as the Seahawks have the best OL in the NML and their RB’s are averaging a ridiculous 11 ypc and still putting up 30 points per game. Coleman averages 6.5 and youngin Joe Williams averages a ridiculous 15.8. Marcus Mariota likes to run as well and has over 100 yards on the season. 


Defensively. The Cardinals do not have any running talent so they just need to focus on stopping Brees and making Andrew uncomfortable in the pocket. They do that it will be tough to lose. 


Prediction- Cardinals are just too angry from last week and win at home 28 to 24.