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Commentary by: Clyde Pickum
Can the Panthers repeat?

Can the Panthers repeat?
As we get closer to the 2012 Power Bowl. I thought I’d take a quick dive into if the 2011 NML Power Bowl Champions Carolina Panthers can repeat as champions. I will do two columns. Why they will lose and why they will win. So let’s get fired up
Why they will lose:
Teams to Watch: A reason for them to lose is the Vikings, Bucs, Eagles, and Lions (As long as the cubs version doesn’t show up) are true contenders this year.
Defense: The Panthers previously destroyed everyone due to the almost magical Interception ability.  As of Week 12 the Panthers defense is still very much elite but however others are just as deadly.  When you look at interceptions The Colts and Vikings are the new leaders.  When you look at the top 5 teams by no surprise you will see a majority of the top ranked NML teams.
Offense: There is always crazy player stat but I’m not sure there has been WR’s with the kind of year that Mike Wallace, Percy Harvin, and Calvin Johnson have put up. Offensively can the Panthers hang? Can Vernon Davis put up a 200 yard day when it counts?  I don’t know but I have noticed that when the Panthers don’t score 30 points their margin of victory is less than 7 points. 
Why they will win:
Offense: The Panthers don’t lack firepower with one of the best triple threat running backs in the league in Darren McFadden. Who can run up the middle or beat teams to the edges better than anyone not named Adrian Peterson.  They feature the league’s 11th best rushing attack based on total yards.  IN the Panthers offense, rushing is done as a diversion to their even more potent passing attack. Cam Newton and has blasted the Panthers passing attack to 6th in the league.   This offense is not built on a single superstar I’m not sure it can be stopped. 
Defense: When your team averages 44 points per game and give up only 19 points per game is means you are doing something. That right is by winning games by dominating the turnover ratio. The Panthers are plus 27 in the most important stat in football. 
I foresee the Panthers repeating as champions because their dominating defense and most importantly teams (cough Vikings Cough) cannot play the increasing popular “drop 11” D against them because Cam Newton can makes plays well on the run just as good in the pocket.